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Copyright Clearance

*Review manuscripts *Research copyrights & rights holders *Manage projects *Negotiate fees

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Consulting Services

*Create rights management system *Review compliance policies and procedures

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Copyright Training

*Group presentations *Multi-day workshops *Individual copyright compliance

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Copyright Resources

*Essential copyright guidelines, timely blogs, articles, topical pamphlets

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The Copyright Detective

Contact The Copyright Detective to get the copyright help you need to become and stay copyright compliant as you create and publish works that reflect your inspiration. Perhaps your dream is to publish a book. Maybe your goal is to maintain a fresh, informative blog or a website representative of your professionalism and innovation. There are many avenues open today to share your creativity with the world. One thing all these avenues have in common is the need to keep sight of copyright issues, ethics, fairness, and respect for other creators.

The services and resources you will find here offer answers to your copyright questions and solutions to your copyright issues. You will find copyright guidelines to help you successfully navigate US copyright law as you gather inspiration from various sources, building on the creativity of others. The resources cited on this website will make it possible for you to identify and appropriately and legally acquire permission to use copyrighted content that you can repurpose and transform into something that represents, enhances, or clarifies your own vision, your own mission, and your own values.

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  • Copyright Clearance Services ~ Identify copyright issues in your created works, identify rights holders, submit permissions requests, review license terms and conditions, and track the permissions acquisition process.
  • Copyright Consulting Services ~ Determine your needs for copyright clearance and copyright compliance.
  • Copyright Compliance Training ~ Group and one-on-one training in corporate settings, classrooms, trade associations to establish copyright compliance policies and procedures.


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