Copyright Clearance for Creatives

book&CD-2This award-winning reference guide contains copyright guidelines to help you navigate your way through US copyright law.

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The book contains procedures for getting permission to use copyrighted materials for your books, blogs, websites, and other published works. The copyright guidelines address practical questions such as “What are the copyright laws that impact my work?” The book elaborates on copyright protection a copyright owner receives from US copyright laws. It includes examples and details on how to get a copyright license for text, graphics, photographs, song lyrics, comic strips, maps, et cetera. And it illustrates how to manage and document the permission acquisition process.

Booklist Review

The October 1, 2013 issue of Booklist includes an excellent review of Copyright Clearance for Creatives! See the review below.

Although the subtitle indicates independent publishers and their support providers as the intended audience, this is an excellent overview for school and academic librarians and educators as well. The 20 short, topic-focused chapters cover everything from copyright-infringement basics, to whether permission needs to be asked to use a work, to finding and using content created by others. A clear layout and readable screen captures add to the book’s usefulness. As the authors note, they provide information about issues but not legal advice. This book would make a great addition to any library’s copyright section, both for circulation and for staff use.

Esther Sinofsky; Booklist ReviewOctober 1, 2013

Answers to Copyright Questions

The guidebook addresses copyright questions such as ~

  • What is copyright?
  • What does copyright mean to someone who plans to independently publish a book, create a website or blog, or use content obtained from the Internet?
  • What does copyright cover?
  • Who does copyright protect?
  • How do I get a copyright license?
  • How do I get copyright permission?
  • What can you copyright yourself?
  • What is copyright infringement?
  • What can I do to protect my works?
  • Are there alternatives to using copyrighted materials to enhance your works?
  • What is the copyright symbol and how should it be used?


Copyright Clearance for Creatives won three awards at the 19th annual Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA) EVVY book competition on May 18, 2013!

Trifecta 1st Place – Academic/Reference, 3rd Place – eBooks, and Merit – Book Cover Design. Scroll down to see print and ebook versions that are available from the publisher. One of the judges of the 19th Annual CIPA EVVY Awards competition had to say about the book – “Excellent book; informative, well written, well researched, well edited. A book I will want to keep and use myself.” But don’t just take the judge’s word for it. See what others are saying.

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